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Apr. 6th, 2007 | 01:06 pm
location: Dorm
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Stained - Open Your Eyes
posted by: vampirechick24 in ruscifi

Date: 4/06/07
Club: Sci-Fi Meeting
Recording Secretary: Jena Martin
Members in attendance: 15

Meeting starts at 9:20

• Welcome to Sci-Fi
• Relay
o Set-up at 5
o Goes over rules
o Goes over item list
o Relay opens at 7
o Break down at 10 on the 28th
o Theme is red carpet

• Relay
o Everyone who be there for break down

• Relay
o We will have a crew list.
o Luminaria forms
o Brochures will be available at the next table.

• Dance
o Food
 No outside food will be allowed.
 We will be ordering all food form the shoe string budget.
 Food donations need to be made ASAP.

• Dance
o There will be a raffle at the door
 A dollar to enter
 Prizes include: a 4 legged duck, mirror, and see no evil dragons
 Money made goes to the relay
• Address Brian stepping down
o He is stepping down, because of a conflict with his schedule.
• Nominations
o Carrie
 Does not except
o Ed
 Excepts
o Morgan
 Excepts

• Elections:
o Secret ballad election
 Ed won

• Welcome Ed to the e-board.

Meeting ends at 10:00

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